Serial Number Tracking solutions in Dubai

Serial Capture is a Mobile based Solution in Dubai which enables the organizations to automate the Serial Number Capture of items which are shipped to multiple customers. The application enables the Hand Held System which is scanner enabled to Capture required information at the shop floor, warehouse.

Serial number System provides an option to keep track of the customer details, shipment dates so as to make easy for tracking warranty details.

Serial Capture System will have a PC module designed to prepare master data, Consolidates data from multiple HHT and generate management reports


HHT Application

PC Module

Hand Held Based

MHI Serial Capture Solution uses Scanner Enabled Mobile Devices to Capture the Serial Number of items shipped to customers.

Data Validations

Each items that are scanned at the shop floor or warehouse will be validated against masters so as to avoid any data discrepancies

Data Consolidation

Serial Capture solution enable the user to use multiple HHT at the point of activity. The captured data is then consolidated in the PC Module for management Reports

Data consolidation/Reports

Data Captured by multiple Mobile devices are consolidated and made availa ble for reporting or for ERP System.